Easy Search Form

Use the Easy Search form to easily create a broad search, especially when you're not familiar with the searching methods or when you don't know which sources to use. You may combine sources across multiple content types. Easy Search will automatically create either a natural language or terms and connectors search based on what you enter.

If you would like to craft your search to meet some special needs, extend your search to a much wider timeframe, or apply it to sources not supported by an Easy Search, click on the Power Search tab or click on any of the source-specific subtabs under the Search tab.

Search terms

Specify a few words or phrases that describe your topic of interest. If you do not enter connectors between your terms, Easy Search will assume it is a natural language search, if available. If natural language searching is not available, Easy Search automatically adds the connector PRE/1 between terms (i.e., so that the terms create a phrase.)

Note: All documents located by your search will be ranked for relevance based on:
  • Where your terms appear within the document
  • How many of your search terms appear in the document
  • How often those search terms appear throughout the document
Search within results - Terms(Appears only when editing a search.) If you have previously entered any "Search within results" terms in results, those terms will appear in the text box. You may edit the terms if desired.
Search withinSelect the major categories of sources within which you would like to search. Click on Select All to choose all the categories; click on Clear All to remove any previous selections.
Specify date

You may narrow your search to documents published on a specific day or within the date range you specify. You have several options:

Save this searchAfter entering your search terms, click on this link to save the search for reuse in the future or to set up the search as an alert.

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