Custom View Options Form

Use this form to specify the information that you would like to appear in your customised document view. Each available piece of information about a document is called a "section," and the list of available sections appears on this form. Some sections are mandatory, but you may choose to show or hide the rest.

Note: The Custom View that you create is retained if you perform a "Search within results" or "More Like This..." search, or if you deliver documents from the current results set. However, the Custom View will be reset after your next search.
Mandatory Document SectionsThis section lists the sections that must be a part of your document view.
All Available Custom Document SectionsThis section lists the optional sections that you may show or hide in your Custom View. The custom sections available will vary based on the sources included in your results. Select a section to add it to your view; clear a section to discard it from your view.
OK - Use Selected Document SectionsClick on this button to confirm the changes you made to your Custom View and return to the previous page.
CancelClick on this button to return to the previous page without making any changes to your Custom View.

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