How do I create an alert?

  1. After you have run a search, click on the Create Alert (Create Alert Icon) icon.
  2. In the wizard's Overview screen, enter the desired Alert name and optional Description.
  3. Click on Next. The wizard advances to the Delivery screen.
  4. Complete the delivery options with the appropriate values.
  5. Click on Next. The wizard advances to the Frequency screen.
  6. Select the appropriate frequency options.
  7. Perform one of the following:
    If you want to...Do this...
    Complete the alert now
    1. Click on Create Alert.
    2. Click on OK.
    Share the alert and specify who can see it
    1. Click on Next.
    2. Select the Share the alert so that others across the organization can access and subscribe to it option.
    3. Click on Save.
    4. Click on OK.

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