Company Profiles Search Form

Use the Company Profiles search form to search for financial details and profiles of companies around the world.

Company NameEnter the name of the company in the text box.
Company name look-upClick on this link and use the Company portion of the Add Topics search feature to find and add a specific company name.
Search terms

Enter your search terms, using connectors to show the relationship between the terms.

Search tips
Click on this link to view descriptions and examples of the connectors, such as AND, OR, AND NOT, etc., which you may use in constructing your search.
Select dates

You may narrow your search to documents published on a specific day or within the date range you specify. You have several options:

All available dates (default)
To remove all date restrictions from your search, select All available dates from the drop-down list.
Today's date
To restrict your search to only results from the current day, select this option.
Select a predefined date restriction
Previous week, Previous month, Previous 3 months, Previous 6 months, Previous year, Previous 5 years, Previous 20 years.
To specify all documents published in the previous n days, weeks, months or years, select Previous and select the value and the units of time (days, weeks, months, or years) across which you wish to search.
To base your search on a range of custom dates, select Custom from the first drop-down list. Then, complete the From and To date fields with the appropriate values in mm/dd/yyyy format.
Options include:
  • To search a range of dates, enter a From date that is greater than the To date. For example: From 01/01/2015 To 03/17/2015
  • To search for a specific date, enter the same date in the From and To fields. For example: From 01/14/2015 To 01/14/2015
  • To search all dates up to and including a specific date, leave the From date blank, but enter a To date. For example: From mm/dd/yyyy To 03/17/2015
  • To search all dates after a specific date, enter a From date, but leave the To date blank. For example: From 01/01/2015 To mm/dd/yyyy
Searching across

To select a source for your search, click the Change source link, select the checkbox next to the desired source, and click the Save button at the bottom of the list.

"I" icon
To learn more about the contents of a source, click on the "i" icon. The document that appears generally explains such things as: coverage, frequency, update schedule, content summary, publisher and available document sections. If the What do we cover? link is available, you can click on it to display a list of the available sources, grouped by publisher.

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