Company Dossier

This form allows you to search for companies. It redirects your search to the Company Dossier service.

Company Name

Enter all or part of the company name. Do not use connectors or wildcard characters. The text you enter can be found anywhere in the company name. For example, the word "micro" finds both Microsoft and Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Ticker Symbol

Enter a ticker symbol from a U.S. stock exchange.

Note: If you enter both a company name and a ticker symbol and the two do not match, your search will not return any results.
D-U-N-S Number

Enter a valid 9-digit D-U-N-S (Data Universal Numbering System) number in the format nn nnn nnnn (where n represents a digit from 0-9) to find a specific company.

Tip: If you know only the first 7 or 8 digits, you can enter them (as long as you complete the first two boxes) and you'll see a list of all the companies that begin with those 7 or 8 digits.
Company Type

Select the type of company you are looking for: public, private, parent, subsidiary, etc.

Headquarters / Only show company headquarters' locationsSelect this checkbox to include only company headquarters locations in your results.
Country/RegionSelect one or more countries or regions.
CityEnter one or more city names. For example: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus
State/ProvinceSelect one or more states or provinces.

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