Deliver Documents to Cloud Page

Complete this page with the appropriate options.

Deliver ToSelect the desired cloud delivery service from the drop-down list.
FormatSelect from this drop-down list the output format for the documents you wish to deliver.
Document ViewSelect from the drop-down list the view in which you want your documents to be delivered:
Full Text
View the full text of each document.
Full Text with Indexing
View the full text of each document with Index Terms displayed.
Hits in Context
Choose this option to view each document individually with your search terms highlighted and surrounded by a window of 25 words. This option is not available for all sources.
Document RangeSelect the range of documents that you want to deliver:
Selected Items
Enter the numbers for specific documents. This can include single document numbers (separated by commas), or a range (for example, 1,3-5,9).
All Documents in folder
Select this option to deliver all the documents in your delivery folder.
Note: This option might not appear if you ran your search from the Easy Search form.
Remove documents after delivery
Select this option if you wish to remove the documents after you've delivered them.
Font OptionsSpecify the font options you wish to use for your documents:
Font selection
Select the desired font from the drop-down list.
Note:Times New Roman is best for news articles and any long documents. Courier is best for tables, company financial reports, and other types of content that won't display well with varying font widths.
Search Terms in Bold Type
Select this option if you wish to display search terms in bold.
Search Terms Underlined
Select this option if you wish to underline search terms.
SendTo begin delivering your documents to the selected cloud service, click on the Send button.
CancelTo return to your My Documents page without delivering your documents, click on the Cancel button.

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