How do I change a user's preferences?

You may not edit preferences for an individual user, but you may assign the user to a preference group, which contains default preferences and application settings for a group of similar users.

To assign a user to a preference group:

  1. Click on the Admin link in the global navigation bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click on the Users tab.
  3. Click on the Find a User subtab.
  4. Enter the user's first and last name or the user ID
  5. Click on Find User.

    If the user you are looking for doesn't appear, see Using Wildcards and Truncation.

    If too many users appear, see Enter a More Specific Name or ID.

  6. Select a new preference group from the drop-down list under the Subscriptions and Preferences heading.
    Caution:Users may belong to one preference group per product. If you assign the user to a new preference group, any changes he has made to his own settings will be overwritten with the default settings of the new preference group.
  7. Click on Save when you are finished.

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