How do I set my preferences for citation formats?

When drafting your legal documents, you can identify the default style guide you want your cited references to follow. (Even though you specify a default selection, you can change your selection on a per-document basis, as needed.)

You can also specify whether case names should be italicized or underlined in the document, as well as choose to keep from using "Id." to identify short-form citations.

Note: These settings will be applied to all new documents you create, as well as documents that do not have a specific format assigned. If a document already has a format applied, that format will be used.

To do this:

  1. View the LexisNexis® ribbon.
  2. In the Shepard's® Citation Tools section of the ribbon, click Set Cite Format and choose Format Options from the drop-down list. The LexisNexis® Preferences window appears, showing the options for Citation Format.
  3. Make any of the following changes:
    • To specify the default format, choose the option you want from the Default format drop-down list. Options include The Bluebook®, New York style, and California style. This option will be selected by default for documents that do not already have a format applied.
    • Select Underlined or Italicized from Case name in citations should be. This will determine whether case names will be underlined or italicized.
    • To keep Lexis for Microsoft Office from using Id. in short-form citations, select Never use "Id." format in short-form citations.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.

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