Details and Locations Page

Use this page to review and manage the locations (places of business) for your organization.

Organization NameThe name of the organization.
Phone NumberThe phone number for the organization. If needed, you may edit this value.
Practice AreasThe names of the practices areas currently selected for this organization. If needed, you may edit this value.
Note: The page lists up to three practices areas. When additional areas are selected, a link displays indicating how many more are available.
Customer NumberThe LexisNexis® Account Center number for the organization.
Public RecordsThe public records access level for the organization. The organization may have one of the following levels for accessing restricted personal information:
  • Unregulated data
  • Regulated data
Customer WebsiteThe organization's website. If needed, you may edit this value.
PublicationsProvides a link (Publications POD) which only authorized administrators can select to redirect to the Lexis Advance application and add publications there.
EditClick this icon whenever you want to edit the organization's phone number, practice areas, or customer website.

This drop-down list allows you to select the organization's places of business you wish to include in the display. The default setting is All.

Note: If you wish to further broaden or narrow which address entries to include at any given point in time, you can select from the alphabetical list as follows:
  • Select All (default) to include all possible entries from A-Z.
  • Select a letter from A-Z to include only those entries available for any letter that appears highlighted in bold. (You cannot select letters than are not highlighted in bold, because they don't provide any address entries.)
Add LocationClick this button to add a new location.
DownloadClick this icon to download the selected locations to a spreadsheet.
Address Information

After fine-tuning your selections using the locations options, the organization's resulting business addresses appear down the page. Depending on the entries provided, you can edit an address, delete a location, or set a specific location as the primary location.

Tip: Right above the first set of addresses is a down arrow (Arrow) with a major location (e.g., United States) displayed to the right. When you click on the arrow, other down arrows may appear, allowing you to quickly access other major locations (e.g., New Zealand) and the various addresses that support them.
EditSelect this to edit location details.
DeleteSelect this to delete the location.
Make PrimarySelect this to make this the primary location.
Active UsersSelect this link to access the list of active users at this location.s

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