Edit Law School User Page

Use the tabs on this page to edit the General, Public Records access, or Publications information for a law school user. You can edit all options except the user ID and the user's role.

Note: The options available to you depend on your subscription and the features available to you.
UserOptions Available
General tab
First Name
The user's first name.
The user's middle initial.
Last Name
The user's last name.
Indicates whether the user is an administrator.
The user's ID
Email Address
The user's email address.
Indicates whether the user is a student or faculty member.
Grad year
The year the student is expected to graduate.
The length of the program the student is enrolled in (2, 3, or 4-year, year-round, or graduate program).
Grad term
The term the student is expect to graduate (spring, winter, etc.).
Financial Account
The account the user has authorized to pay open invoices.
The location the user is associated with.
The group the user is associated with.
Time Zone
The time zone where the user is located.
Display Preference
The user's preferred interface display.
Language Preference
The user's preferred language for business communications.
Public Records tab
Credentialing Department
Select the department that requires access to public records.
Public Records Access
Select the access level for the department.
Note: If the public records access level of the credentialing department you selected is lower than the access level selected for the user, the user's public records access level will be set to the lower access level.
Data Masking
Select the data the user may see.
Permissible Uses
Select the reasons for which the user needs access to Public Records data for the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA, the Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), and the Death Master File (DMF).
Publications tab
Product Access
Select the primary product the user will have access to.
Additional Products>
Select the additional products the user will have access to.
Note: If you select an additional product that requires access to Lexis Advance®, Lexis Advance® will be automatically selected also, if it isn't already.

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