Edit User Page

Use this page to edit the information for a law school student user. You can edit all options except the user ID and the user's role.

First NameThe user's first name.
Middle NameThe user's middle name.
Last NameThe user's last name.
Email AddressThe user's email address.
PositionIndicates whether the user is a student, graduate, faculty member, etc.
Grad YearThe year the student is expected to graduate.
ProgramIndicates whether the student is in a 2, 3, or 4-year, year-round, or graduate program.
Grad TermThe term the student is expected to graduate (spring, winter, etc.).
LocationThe location the user is associated with.
GroupsThe group the user is associated with.
Time ZoneThe time zone where the user is located.
Display PreferenceThe user's preferred interface display.
Language PreferenceThe user's preferred language for business communication.

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