Help Topics for ProQuest® Congressional

This page provides lists of help topics that describe how to use the ProQuest® Congressional product. Click the headings below to view links to topic pages that provide more detail.

 + About ProQuest® Congressional

 + Overview of ProQuest® Congressional

 + Content Coverage and Subscriptions

 + Content Coverage and Subscriptions

 + Status of Digital Collection Content Delivery

 + Searching for Information

>Building a Search String

>User Scenarios

>Using the Search Forms

 + Working with Results

>Search Results

 + How Do I...?

 + Frequently-Asked Questions about ProQuest® Congressional

 + How to Cite

 + How to Cite

 + Types of Publications

 + Types of Publications

 + Digital Collections

 + Congressional Hearings Digital Collection (CHDC)

 + Congressional Record Permanent Digital Collection

 + Congressional Research Digital Collection (CRDC)

 + U.S. Serial Set Digital Collection

 + About Bills, Resolutions, Laws, and the Legislative Process

 + About Bills, Resolutions, and Laws

 + The Legislative Process

 + Acronyms, Abbreviations, Glossary of Terms and Search Equivalents

 + Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Search Equivalents

 + Using Help

>Using the Online Help