How do I use the Client ID List?

Before You Begin:
Note: This page only appears if you have set Use Lexis Advance Client Validation to Yes.
  1. Click the Client ID Information tab.
  2. Click the Client ID List tab.

You can now download a template, upload a list of Client IDs, or review Client ID information.

  • Select the Download Client ID List Template link to download a template. The template opens in Microsoft Excel.
  • Click the Browse button to select a list of IDs to be uploaded. You can check the status of the upload on the Dashboard page.
  • Use the Show All drop-down list to restrict your list of Client IDs by Client ID, Client Name, Matter ID, Matter Name, or Balnk Research Description Required.
  • Use the navigation options to move through your list, if desired.
  • Review the information in the Client ID table, or click the Make Required icon to change the status of the associated Client ID.

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