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Customer Details

User IDDisplays your current User ID; click Change ID to change this.
PasswordThe password is masked (***) for your security; click Change Password to modify this value.
Change IDClick this link to go to the Change ID page, where you will enter and re-enter a new ID.
Change PasswordClick this link to go to the Change Password page, where you will enter and re-enter a new password.

Personal Details

EditClick to edit this section's information, then click Save when you're finished making changes.
First Name 
Last Name 
Preferred NameThe name you're usually called, perhaps a nickname.
PositionLists the value you chose from the associated drop-down list when editing the Personal Details. Dozens of positions are listed, including:
  • Account Manager
  • Consultant
  • Operations
  • Other
  • Technical Professional
Law SchoolDisplays the school you selected from the drop-down list when editing the Personal Details.
Graduation YearDisplays the year (YYYY) you entered when editing the Personal Details.

Contact Details

EmailPrimary email address, which you check frequently.
Alternate EmailYour alternate email address, in case your primary email address fails for some reason.
Work PhoneYour business phone number.
ExtensionAn extension number for your work phone, if needed.
MobileYour cellular phone number.
FaxA business fax number.
Preferred Contact MethodDisplays how you'd like to be contacted. If you are editing the details, you can choose Email, Mobile Phone, Work Phone from the drop-down list.
Language PreferenceDisplays the language you'd like to use, such as:
  • Australian English
  • British English
  • Canadian English
  • New Zealand English
  • U.S. English
Display PreferenceDisplays the mode you'd like your application interface to be in. The values are the same as those for Language Preference.
Time ZoneDisplays the selected time zone.

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