Help System: Keyword and Wildcard Searching

Note: This article is related to searching the Online Help System - not My Lexis™.
Example QueryDescription
researchKeyword search for documents containing the word research.
Note: The search feature does not support stemming. A search for the word alert will only return the whole word and not partial matches such as alerts or alerting. To obtain results such as these you must use a wildcard, as shown below.
research*Wildcard search for documents containing words that begin with the letters research. For example:
  • researched
  • researcher
  • researches
  • researching
te?tSingle character wildcard search for documents containing words that match the query, but with a single character replaced. For example:
  • tent
  • test
  • text
smartlinks~Fuzzy search for documents that contain words similar to smartlinks (e.g., SmartLinx).

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