Client ID Settings Page

Use this page to review your Client ID settings or manage them by clicking the Edit button.

(Make) Client MandatorySelect the box to require a Client ID. "Make" is only shown in the label in Edit mode. If you select this box, then you can specify the Client ID Format.
Use Third Party Client ValidationSelect the box to use third-party client validation. If you select this box, then you can specify the Client Validation URL and Test URL to enable client validation (optional).
Use Lexis Advance Client Validation

Select the box to use Lexis Advance client validation.

If this box is selected, then additional options appear:

  • Select one or more of these options: Client ID, Client Name, Matter ID, Matter Name
  • Specify a delimiter, if required.
  • Select whether you want to Include Company Name/Logo. If you select this option, you are given the opportunity to specify the Company Name and browse to a Company Logo image.
SaveClick to save any changes you've made.
CancelClick to return to the previous page without saving any changes.

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