How do I register a location/browser using multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

When you attempt to access certain sensitive data from a new location and/or browser, you must provide authentication using a one-time passcode (OTP). Follow the steps below to request and enter an OTP.

  1. Depending on the location from which you want to access the sensitive data, take one of the following actions:
    If you're starting from...Then...
    A Public Records search
    1. From the Terms For Use of Data page, select the appropriate permissible uses from the Choose a default DPPA Use and/or Choose a default GLBA Use drop-down lists.
    2. Select the Confirm button. The Update Contact Information page appears.
    The History pageSelect the document you want to view. If the document contains certain sensitive data, the Update Contact Information page appears.
    The Alerts pageSelect the Alert whose results you want to view. If the results contain certain sensitive data, the Update Contact Information appears.
  2. In the Email Address and Confirm Email Address fields, ensure that the address to which we should send your OTP appears.
    • The email address associated with your profile appears in these fields by default.
    • The address in the Confirm Email Address field must be identical to the address in the Email Address field.
  3. Do you want to receive your OTP via text or voice message?
    1. In the Telephone Number field, type the primary phone number at which you want to receive your passcode.
    2. If applicable, type another phone number at which you can receive a passcode in the Alternate Telephone Number field.
    NoSkip to Step 4.
  4. Select the Continue button. The system saves your information and takes you to the Select Method of One-Time Passcode (OTP) Delivery page.
  5. Select the radio button for the email address or telephone number to which you want us to send the passcode.
    Note: If you select a telephone number, you must also select whether you want the passcode delivered via text or voice message.
  6. Select the Send OTP button. The system generates a unique OTP and sends it to the selected email address or phone number, then takes you to the Enter One-Time Passcode (OTP) page.
  7. When you receive the OTP, type it in the field.
    Tip: If you do not receive a passcode via the selected method, select Choose another delivery method. The system will return you to the Select method of One-Time Passcode (OTP) delivery page.
  8. Select the Submit button. The system verifies the OTP you entered. If it is valid, the system takes you to the appropriate page (the public records search page, the document you selected from the History page, or the appropriate Alert page, as applicable).

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