Shepardize a Document

The Shepard's® Citations Service available in Nexis Uni® provides a comprehensive report of the cases, statutes, secondary sources, and annotations that cite your authority, including more recent cases that rely on your starting case. When researching and citing cases, you often want to validate that the case is valid and citable. By Shepardizing a case, you can determine whether the case is still "good law."

To Shepardize a case or document:

  1. Type shep followed by a colon (:) in the Search box, followed by the document citation. For example:
    shep: 800 F.2d 111
    shep: 410 us 73
  2. Click Search.

Note: Punctuation, spacing, and capitalization within the citation are optional. However, the colon following "shep" is mandatory in order for the system to run a Shepard's search and not a regular search.

While viewing a document, you can also click the Shepard’s Signal indicator next to the document title.