Send Results or Documents to OneDrive

Nexis Uni® allows you to send either documents you have open, or selected documents from a results list, to Microsoft OneDrive, which is a third-party cloud storage application. (If you do not have a OneDrive account, visit

To do this:

  1. Choose whether you want to send a single document to OneDrive, or send the results list:
    To send results list items to OneDriveWhile viewing your results list, select the specific results you want to send to OneDrive, or don't select anything to send 250 results from the first 1,000 in your list.

    Tip: Once you've selected results, you can clear all of them at once by clicking the delivery count drop-down list. This displays a list of all the documents you've selected. You can then click the Clear All button in the upper-right corner of the list.

    To send a single document to OneDriveWhile viewing the results list, open the specific document you want to send.
  2. Click the Cloud Delivery icon on the delivery toolbar, and then choose Send to OneDrive.
  3. Provide the required information on the Send to OneDrive dialog box. (See Send to OneDrive Page for instructions on working with this dialog box.)

Note: See Deliver Document Attachments for details on including attachments with your delivery to OneDrive.