Deliver Document Attachments

When delivering documents that have attachments, you can choose to deliver only those attachments, or just include them with their associated documents.

To do this:

  1. Select the document or results list you want to deliver (download, print, email, or send to Dropbox or Google Drive):
    To deliver the results list

    While viewing your results list, select the documents you want to deliver (or don't select any results to deliver the full list of results).

    Tip: Once you've selected results, you can clear all of them at once by clicking the delivery count drop-down list. This displays a list of all the documents you've selected. You can then click the Clear All button in the upper-right corner of the list.
    To deliver a single documentWhile viewing the results list, open the specific document you want to deliver.
  2. Click one of the following: Download (), Print (), Email (), or Cloud Delivery () for sending your documents or results to Google Drive or Dropbox. The appropriate delivery dialog box appears.
  3. Click the Basic Options tab. The view changes to show your options for delivering your research.
  4. In the What do you want to download/print/email/send to the cloud? group, select one of these options, depending on whether you want to deliver documents with their attachments or just attachments:
    Full documents, followed by Include document attachments, where available - Select these options to deliver the documents along with any attachments associated with the documents.
    Full document attachments only (where available)- Select this option to deliver just the attachments for the documents or results you are viewing.
  5. Select any other delivery-related options you want and complete the delivery.