Searching for Symbols or Other Special Characters

The Nexis Uni® service does not search for these special characters or symbols:

# (number / pound)

$ (dollar sign)

% (percent)

§ (section)

= (equals)

@ (at / section)

: (colon)

Note: The service reads the : as a command. So 40a:20-12 finds zero results, but "40a:20-12" retrieves cases. When you use quotation marks around the colon, the service stops reading the : as a command.

- (hyphen)

" " (quotation marks)

/ (slash)

. (period)

& (ampersand)

If the search includes any of the listed symbols or characters, the service ignores them. Nexis Uni processes the search with the other terms you entered.

Note: You can use quotation marks to designate phrases when you enter your terms, but the service does not search the quotation marks. For example, if you enter "tortious interference", the service finds the phrase, but does not locate only those documents where it finds the phrase in quotation marks.